Origin:  Buffalo,N.Y


Genres: Hip Hop


Years Active: 2016-Present


Label: Aim 1st Ent/Digitalmind789





Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Son of Tony is a lyricist who is vying to write and perform his way into the most honorable of mentions amongst Hip Hop elite. Penning his life, and the trials that come with it for the last 2 years, Son of Tony has quickly amassed a respectable catalog of music which includes his; The Son And His Father Tape, The Son And His Father Tape 2, The Son And His Father Tape 3, Part 1 Sunrise & Part 2 Sunset; the latter of which is a double EP. And coming soon the very anticipated Son On A Sunday Series


Son of Tony will be adding great quality to his list of work with Tish Hyman, Skyzoo, Mickey Factz, Ren Thomas ,Mark Battles, Jimmy Dukes, DJ Rise, Asethic, P.A.Dre, Insideus Beats, BeatzByNeff, Chuck Lawayne, Myth, Crown, Tobes, and CassoBeats. Great company to be amongst.

" At this point for me it's about branching out from just Hip Hop. I want to expand my brand and contribution to the entertainment world."

Already credited with a cameo in the movie Pure 2, courtesy of Deuce King and AK Reed, Son of Tony is looking for more opportunities to display his aura.

" Authenticity is my greatest asset. I'm not the artist pretending to have come from the wrong side of the track. I come from and have been through some horrible things."

His story is unique, so is his flow. Leaving behind the streets and going full fledge with the art, Son of Tony is in a good groove. Writing, recording, and performing come second nature and have become his calling. Planning to answer Son of Tony is awakened; empowered by his experiences and inspired by fatherhood, Son of Tony is paying his dues for now until the game pays him back. Stay tuned.



2021 - Son On A Sunday 2

            Son On A Sunday

2019 - The Son And His Father Tape 3:

            Sunrise And Sunset

2018 - The Son And His Father Tape 2

2016 - The Son And His Father Tape